[email protected] families who are registered for paper materials only

Dear parent/guardians of at-home non-virtual students, 

This letter is for families who have opted out of the virtual online learning at our at-home school. Your student will continue to be registered at the TLDSB [email protected] Elementary School but we understand that online learning is not possible in your home. 

We are working to have paper learning materials delivered to your home and an opportunity to have completed work returned to your child’s teacher. Please note that we anticipated a much smaller number of families choosing this option and it will therefore take longer than expected to put a system in place. We have over 350 students across Kindergarten to Grade 8 requiring paper material delivery and pick up. This is not a simple system to put in place. When schools were closed in the spring we had more internal resources available to assist with this type of printing, delivery, and pick up of materials. Currently we are in the process of establishing a printing company that will print, package, and deliver materials to homes.

As it will be a third party beyond the school and school board delivering and picking up packages to and from your home, you will be receiving a form asking for permission to share your child’s name and address.  

Many parents/guardians have inquired about special education programs and services. Like in any of our schools, your assigned teacher is the key educator for your child. We also have eight special education teachers assigned to support the students in our virtual school. Staff will be reaching out to you as we develop your child’s Individual Education Plan.

We will support families to try to provide the best opportunities possible for at-home learning using paper materials and appreciate your understanding as we work through our current set up of this system. Please continue to visit our website lhe.tldsb.on.ca/, where we will continue to post information for all families of our more than 2,000 students at the TLDSB [email protected] Elementary School.


Leslie Wright
Principal (Kindergarten to Grade 3)

Tanya Fraser
Principal (Grade 4-8) 


Virtual Bell Rings 8:40
Block 1
8:40 am - 9:28 am
Block 2
9:28 am - 10:16 am
Block 3
10:36 am - 11:24 am
Block 4
11:24 am - 12:12 pm
Block 5
12:52 pm - 1:40 pm
Block 6
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Remember to set an alarm telling you when to return to your device!